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Bible Studies for Life: Living by Faith - Bible Study Book

Bible Studies for Life: Living by Faith - Bible Study Book

LifeWay Christian Resources Paperback


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Product Description

Living by Faith Bible Study Book includes Bible-study content for six sessions, applicable Scripture, key-word study, and a life-application section called "Live It Out."

For many people, faith is a religious word, confined to matters of spirituality. Faith, though, is far more than a belief system; biblical faith infuses all parts of life. Our faith is seen in the way we live our day-to-day lives: what we do, what we talk about, how we respond to circumstances, and more. Six women in the Bible faced unique challenges, yet their faith in God came to the forefront in the way they dealt with their situations. These women clearly illustrate what it means to live by faith. And studying their actions can help us do the same.

Session titles:
1. Rahab: Courageous Faith
2. Deborah: Encouraging Faith
3. Hannah: Faith That Prays
4. Abigail: Intervening Faith
5. The Poor Widow: Faith That Gives
6. The Samaritan Woman: Faith Worth Sharing

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  • Publisher: LifeWay Christian Resources
  • SKU: 2306_9781535948739
  • Binding: Paperback