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Queendom Come: Knowing When to Adjust Your Crown

Queendom Come: Knowing When to Adjust Your Crown

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2018


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Product Description

EVERY WOMAN IS BORN WITH A CROWN. IT’S UP TO HER HOW SHE CARRIES ITS VALUE. God designs our inheritance with favor impossible to contain. Our crowns accentuate the beauty, splendor, and disposition only a woman could possess. Yet, as we evolve and life alters its course, our crowns grow heavier, collect dust, and lose its luster. As life’s journey brings unforeseen bumps and barriers along its road, it is imperative to adjust our crown as needed, but never take it off, diminish its power or dismantle its worth. QUEENDOM COME aims to empower women to identify their purpose, perfect their platform and sharpen their position with the grace, strength, and dignity every woman of God should royally and faithfully own.

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  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • SKU: 2306_9781727646337
  • Release Date: Oct 30 2018 12:00AM