Every Piece Fits: Mighty Men of Valor National Men’s Conference 2022 Digital Set

2022 MVM Digital Download Set Men, equip yourselves with tools that will transform your life with the 2022 Mighty Men of Valor National Men’s Conference Digital Download set. This year’s Mighty Men of Valor Conference theme is Every Piece Fits. Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. To create the puzzle, the puzzle maker takes the picture He designed and breaks it into pieces. It is then up to you to assemble those elements, so that when completed, it looks like the image the Creator had in mind before the foundations of the earth. Life does not come together all at once; it comes together piece by piece. Sometimes, it can be hard to make out the whole picture, but one piece helps you find another. Over time, the picture of who you are takes shape and comes into focus. Learning how to trust in the Lord to complete our life’s puzzle ensures that all of our pieces fit. Hear from keynote speakers Dr. Clifford Ashe III, Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr., Pastor Keith Battle, Pastor Bryan Carter, and many more to help you build confidence, boldness, and enthusiasm, enabling you to serve Christ with a passion. Gain tools needed to overcome daily challenges to make a difference in the kingdom. This set also includes audio files of each workshop. • POSITION OF POWER – Dr. Erik Hall • POWER OF OPPOSITION – Dr. Erik Hall • EIGHT PIECES TO THE MANHOOD PUZZLE – Pastor Keith Battle • THE FATHERHOOD PUZZLE: A FATHER’S THREE ROOMS – Pastor Keith Battle • HOW TO TURN YOUR SETBACKS INTO INCREDIBLE COMEBACKS! – Dr. Willie Jolley • MARRIAGE: HOW TO MAKE MORE LOVE, MAKE MORE MONEY AND MAKE IT LAST! – Dr. Willie Jolley • GIVING UP THE ILLUSION – Dr. Dan Williams • YOU HAVE A POSITION OF POWER – Dr. Dan Williams • JOURNEY TOWARDS PURPOSE -Pastor Bryan Carter • A CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY – Chaplin Jeffrey Davis • MOVING FROM PIT TO PURPOSE – Chaplin Jeffrey Davis • COMPLETING YOUR FINANCIAL PUZZLE – Ernest Burley • FROM A FINANCIAL PUZZLE TO A CLEAR ROADMAP – Ernest Burley • EVERY PIECE FITS . . . WHEN YOU ‘KEEP IT 100’ – Rev. Jonathan Queen • EVERY PIECE FITS, WHEN YOU ARE ‘ONE OF THEM’ – Rev. Jonathan Queen • ENCORE GENERATION (MEN 55+) – Dr. Cliff Ashe • GROWING BOYZ TO MEN – Reverend Duane Dickens • LEAVING A LEGACY – Reverend Duane Dickens