The Beyond! 2023 Digital Streaming Package

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The Beyond! 2023 Sharpening Iron Church Leadership Conference where iron sharpens iron and we return with a sharper edge! Invest in your growth and prosperity as we gather once again to fine-tune our skills, strengthen our networks, and sharpen our organizations. This package is your golden opportunity to propel forward, leaving no stone unturned as we collectively sharpen our tools for ministry and business success. You can expect an immersive experience filled with inspiring keynotes, impactful workshops, and collaborative sessions. Our goal is to equip you with a cutting-edge strategy that will empower you to thrive in today’s dynamic ministry and business landscape. Get ready to return stronger than ever before following this Beyond! 2023 Sharpening Iron! This set includes… Digital: 
  • Hybrid or Not: Strategies for Optimizing the Online Experience
  • Production Personnel: Developing Skillsets Inhouse
  • Cyber Ready: Protecting Your Church Against Online Attacks
  • Tech Made Easy: Technology Techniques that Maximize Ministry
  • Cast Your Net: Learn to Harness the Power of YouTube 


  •  Grace Girls: Where Women Sharpen Women
  • Generation Alpha: Equipping a Village to Disciple Children and Youth
  • Youth Ministry that Works:  Establishing Real, Relevant and Relational Outlets for Young People
  • Understanding the Young Adult Demographic
  • Deposits that Yield Returns:  Investing in Church Leadership
  • Next Man Up:  Where Men Sharpen Men
  • Couples Sharpening Couples: Creating Winning Teams for Marriages That Last
  • Back to Basics: Teaching Members How to Share the Gospel
  • Missions 101:  It’s All About Relationship
  • Individual Operated Non-profit Ministries: Maximizing Your Reach and Saving Souls
  • Discipleship Ministries: Reviewing the Manuals and Materials That Produce Strong Disciples
  • Authentic Worship:  My Offering & Sacrifice 

Church Operations: 

  • For Pastors Only
  • People Management: Recruiting and Retaining Talent for Small Businesses and Ministries
  • Church Ministry Operations
  • Church Business Operations: Processes that Matter
  • By the Book: Fundamental Church Finances
  • Management Matters: Leading from the Second Chair
  • Executive Support:  Serving Senior Executives Administratively
  • Building Blocks: Keys to Starting a Nonprofit

Congregational Care:  

  • Unwrapping the Gift:  Spiritual Gifts for Today
  • Mental Health Support:  Discovering Resources & Trainings to Meet the Need
  • Funeral Services Reimagined:  The Homegoing and Beyond
  • Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction: Supporting Those Who Desire to Be LGBTQ Free
  • Connections:  Onboarding Members and Creating Connectivity
  • Church Doctrine: Building Your Church on a Firm Foundation
  • Navigating the New Normal:  Strategies for Thriving in a Changing World 
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