Woke Church: An Urgent Call for Christians in America to Confront Racism and Injustice

by Eric Mason
Moody Publishers


We sometimes forget that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a pastor.

Those who marched with King had to sign a commitment to non-violence which included 10 promises. The first promise was to “Meditate daily on the teachings and life of Jesus.” The Civil Rights Movement was led by the church. And today with escalating racial tensions and a fresh example of injustice bombarding us in nearly every news cycle, the world needs the church now more than ever. But the church in Americaseems to be sleeping rather than leading.

Woke Church takes a hard look at the current state of race in America and makes a passionate call for change. It is a resource for the body of Christ that is biblically grounded, historically informed, and desperately needed. This book will not only help Christians understand the times they live in, but also how to take their place in it. Eric Mason offers a penetrating commentary on our cultural moment including analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of:

  • Black Lives Matters
  • New Black Nationalism
  • Pan Africanism

But most importantly, he gives you practical suggestions for being the church in a country of segregated Sunday mornings and widening racial divides.

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