2021 He Loves Me Women's Conference Digital Downloads

God’s love for us transcends any love that we could ever imagine. Oh, the joy we experience when we learn to abide in His love!

The 2021 He Loves Me Women’s Conference, was an amazing and transformative experience, that deeply inspired and empowered women to Abide. A woman who truly understands what it means to abide in Jesus’ love is a woman who has staying power. She is going to remain with God as He beckons her. She is not to be moved!

With this digital download package experience all the 2021 He Loves Women’s Conference keynote speakers and master classes on your mobile device, smartphone, or computer. After checkout you will receive an email receipt that includes a link that gives you the option to download the recordings in MP4 format or stream it from your web browser. Download to all devices: Whether you have a computer, tablet, or mobile device (e.g., iPad, Kindle Fire, iPhone, Android phone, or tablet), you can download the video straight to any smart device. When you receive your link, you will have the option to view the session, download it onto your machine, or both.  When downloading, you can choose the file resolution for download. File sizes will vary from 100 MB to 1 GB per file. The file size and quality of the internet connection will determine download time. Download time may take up to several minutes, depending on resolution and internet connection speed. Downloadable resource usage rules 1. You agree to comply with these usage rules and acknowledge that these resources require internet access and additional hardware and software. 2. It is your responsibility to protect the resources from loss or damage. FBCG Media Center does not have the responsibility to replace or restore your purchase in the event of loss or damage after a successful download. 3. You may use the resources simultaneously on two devices, provided that such devices are for personal use only. This provision does not give you permission to share, copy or distribute the resources to another person or persons.  4. You are entitled to export, burn (if applicable), or copy (if applicable) resources for personal, noncommercial use only. 5. You agree that any usage not defined in these usage rules constitutes a copyright infringement.
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