Good Soil: A 52-Week Gratitude, Affirmation & Reflection Journal

Black Willow Publishing House


In Luke 8, Jesus shares the parable of the sower and the seed. In this parable, a sower scattered seed which landed on various types of soil. Jesus uses this parable to illustrate not only the different types of soil the seed fell upon, but also to illuminate how the receptiveness of His word (the seed) in our lives is contingent upon the nature and fertilization of our hearts (the soil). It is only once we hear the Gospel and embrace its truth can our hearts become transformed to not only yield a hefty harvest but also empower our discipleship efforts towards bringing others to Christ.

GOOD SOIL establishes daily patterns of both gratitude and reflection; identifying perpetual thanksgiving while assessing the condition of your heart. This journal supports a heart that desires to strengthen one’s personal relationship with Jesus, deepen their study of God’s word and sow practical principles into their life each and every day. Through daily planting, tending to the condition of your heart, and journaling your prayers, GOOD SOIL creates a safe and intimate place for your vulnerability, personal healing, and goal setting efforts for the days ahead.

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