Discover Your Gift: How To Know You Are A Gift And Discover The Hero Within (The Gifted Life #1)

by Patrick Pete


“Discover Your Gift” focuses on helping people understand that they have a purpose, a true identity, that they possess a unique gift and it is wonderful. Through 10 chapters author, Patrick Pete spells out the journey we all must take to know what is our gift and to discover that the true hero in everyone’s life is living within them. This journey has three core components: Knowing what is your gift, mastering your gift and operating in your Gift.

In the three books of the Gifted Life series, Patrick Pete explores these three aspects of our gifting. Discovering your gift involves the journey we must take for our gift to be revealed to us, that is what this first book in the series is about. Mastering your gift involves putting in the necessary work to go from knowing to being that gift. This is what the second book, titled, “Master Your Gift: Practical Steps to Being Your Hero: addresses. Finally, operate in your gift is the transition from the independent actions of knowing and being to the interdependent action of giving your gift to the world. The third book in this series, titled, “Give Your Gift: The Hero In Action” walks into impact and effectiveness in presenting your gift to the world.

All of this ultimately moves us to both a personal and communal harmony. If everyone embraces their true selves, by discovering their gift by knowing, mastering and operating in their gift, the world is all the better for it.

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