The 40-Day Surrender Fast: Expanded Edition

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The 40-Day Surrender Fast is more than just a book, it’s a journey with God like no other. It will help you identify what separates you from his best life and carefully guides you back to his plan. Give God 40 days and he will change your life. This new, expanded edition has been updated with bonus chapters and personalized prayers.



Oh the Places You’ll Go!

Pre-Fast Preparation

Let God Do a New Thing!

What is a Surrender Fast?

Bold and Courageous

Why 40 Days?

It’s Complicated

Day 1 Expect the Unexpected
Day 2 Time, Effort, Reward
Day 3 Rebuild and Renew
Day 4 The Other Side
Day 5 It Will Come to Pass

Day 8 Establish Your Faith
Day 9 Pray for Your Enemies
Day 10 Renewal is Necessary
Day 11 Peculiar Am I
Day 12 God’s Friend

Day 15 I Declare War!
Day 16 Superhuman
Day 17 The God in Me
Day 18 The Keys for Good Relationships
Day 19 I Still Surrender

Day 22 Dust off Your Dreams
Day 23 Your Breakthrough is Coming Through
Day 24 The Answered Prayer
Day 25 The Dead Will Live
Day 26 What is For Me is For Me

Day 29 The God of the Impossible
Day 30 Little Time Needed
Day 31 Grace and Glory
Day 32 Act Like You Are About to Move
Day 33 The Promise

Day 36 No More Props
Day 37 Reject Rejection
Day 38 Childlike Humility
Day 39 Wait on the Lord
Day 40 God Has Done a New Thing

Author’s Notes

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