Raising the BAR: Building Authentic Relationships: Transforming Leaders in the Church and Workplace

by Dr. Gloria Perrin
Gloria Miller Perrin


Will the real you please stand up! The word “authentic” has become the buzzword of our day. Everyone is looking for the real deal. The Millennials call it “Keeping it 100.” More and more people are looking for authenticity with those they encounter. Authentic leaders are those that are striving to be open, honest, and straightforward. Raising the BAR offers a seven-part building process for leaders at all levels to help guide them along their authentic journey. What type of leader do you strive to be? The paradox is that there are two types of leaders that you will likely encounter— authentic or inauthentic.It is imperative that leaders in the church and the workplace start to explore what needs to be done to create the best blueprint to improve the health of their organizations. Could “authenticity” be a remedy to our current leadership crisis in churches, government, corporations, entertainment, the media, and elsewhere? This book provides the answer to that question and more. Now is the time for leaders to make a deliberate effort by taking a personal inventory to become authentic and Raise the BAR.

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