CRAVE: Identifying What You’re Really Hungry For

Black Willow Publishing House


When it comes to our destiny, it’s not our hunger dismantling our purpose; it’s the attention-giving, life-shattering, piss-poor management of our cravings and the consequences our appetite leaves behind.

And when we begin to weigh the pros and cons of gratifying our cravings and yielding to its demands, we inevitably return to the same undeniable and indisputable truth – craving fleeting pleasures will dismantle your purpose and destroy your destiny. CRAVE is a compilation of candid essays framed to help you assess your cravings and identify what you are really hungry for. From what you feed your stomach to how you feed your spirit, CRAVE is designed to help you expose your cravings, discover the root of what your heart desires and surrender your life to God. When we redirect our focus from our flesh to our faith, our cravings weaken and lose their grip over our calling, making room for every good and perfect gift God has strategically designed for our lives. So, what are you hungry for?

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