Homeschooling From A to Z

by Carolyn D. Tatem
Forever Publishing


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Have you considered homeschooling? Perhaps you are not happy with the education that your child is currently receiving in a traditional school. Maybe your child is an above average student or one who is not working up to their full potential. You may have the privilege of being a stay at home parent but have never considered educating your own children. Why not? You may not know anything about homeschooling or realize that it is an option. Allow the author, Carolyn Tatem the opportunity to tell you more about her homeschooling journey.

Homeschooling from A to Z provides a glimpse of what homeschooling is all about. Principles from A to Z are shared from the author’s experience on homeschooling from elementary through high school, a seven year journey. These principles are designed to help homeschooling parents and help their children THRIVE!

This book is for you if . . .
1. You want to learn more about homeschooling
2. You are considering homeschooling
3. You are already homeschooling

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