Your Breakthrough Is Up To You

by W. Nikki Pearson
Nikki Pearson Publishing


The woman with the issue of blood brings hope to women living in bondage to their issues. Her story proves that when hope and faith combine, miraculous breakthrough is the result.

Shunned by her society for suffering for years from a body issue that made her “unclean,” she ended up destitute and without recourse-no earthly doctor could help her. But she was determined, and through her unflagging faith in the powerful Word of God, she was healed.

Preacher, teacher, and author W. Nikki Pearson shares her own story of her supernatural breakthrough by adopting and then applying five key points from this powerful Bible story:
We all have a story, and we must acknowledge our issues.
Our issues can negatively affect us, but they don’t change our God-given purpose.
Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God!
We must live out our faith-despite fear and doubt.
Through the power of faith, we will find breakthrough at the feet of Jesus!

If your story isn’t one of celebration, then it’s time to change the narrative. Put your faith in God’s Word. He will be faithful to make you holy-and whole.

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