Walls Can Fall: Race, Reconciliation & Righteousness in a Divided World

by Kenneth C. Ulmer
Four Rivers Design


This challenging, sometimes personal, often painful journey into the reality of the shouts on picket lines, whispers in country clubs, daily headlines, talk up and down the aisles of houses of worship, in the halls of higher learning, on the streets of cities across America, on the roads of rural America, on the internet, camouflaged in the welcome signs, lurking in the law, glaring in the courtroom…declares that walls can fall. You need this powerful teaching, laced with personal testimony and challenging lessons. The walls of racism and ethnic division can fall but only if we are willing to face them and pull them down, and only if we have an answer to the prophetic question: “is there any word from the Lord” on this timely topic. Dr. Ulmer delivers that word with fearless clarity and touching humanity. Read it and you will not only be faced with a revelation of the possibility, but more importantly, with the decision: what role can you play, while echoing the profound proclamation: Walls Can Fall!

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