Christian Ethics in a Postmodern World

by James P. Eckman


There is a difference between “ethics” and “morals.” Ethics do not change. Morals reflect the changing whims of culture. For the Christian, ethics must be rooted in the absolutes revealed in God’s Word to inform and nurture our moral conduct. Followers of Christ must learn to think biblically. A Christian approach to complex ethical topics in the postmodern era challenges us to identify how we relate to culture. As a church historian Eckman argues that Christians, who hold to a set of ethical absolutes, have related to their culture in one of three ways: separation, accommodation, or transformation. This book explores a synthesis of all three, viewed through the lens of Scripture, to formulate a strategy for today. Critical ethical questions on abortion, euthanasia, bioethics, human sexuality, politics, war, capital punishment, work, race, the arts, and the environment are threads that weave the moral fabric to which believers must come to terms

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