Journey Through the Furnace: God is There!

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Not everything that happens in childhood stays in childhood. As a young girl, Sharron is traumatized by abuse and feels her life is far from normal but she is not prepared for the sufferings and struggles awaiting her early adult years. At sixteen years old, blinded by his charm, she marries her “knight in shining armor” who is eight years her senior. As his wife, she experiences the most egregious ordeal that leads her to question her faith and to desire revenge. Then the ultimate betrayal happens – the abuse of her innocent child. The question arises “where is God when I need Him most?” The answer comes when Sharron faces an unexpected trial that challenges her to transition from existing as a victim to living a victorious life through the strength and power of God. Sharron encounters troubling family dynamics and a wide range of emotions in her role as survivor, mother of a survivor, and wife of a perpetrator. On her journey, she learns valuable lessons that help in overcoming negative thinking, insecurity, and guilt in order to embrace the beautiful person God created her to be. Through her struggle with forgiveness she gains insight of God’s unconditional love and His power to deliver. Sharron courageously pursues her designed destiny while engaging others in breaking the destructive cycle of abuse.

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