Spiritual Conversations Bundle

by Gary Rohrmayer
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FBCG EXCLUSIVE Spiritual Conversations Bundle of 3 Resources

Spiritual Conversations

Twenty years in the making this book reflects author Gary Rohrmayer’s journey from frustration to joy in sharing his faith with those in his life.  In this book, you will discover Biblical principles brought to life and practical discoveries from the front lines of ministry. The Spiritual Journey Guide has sold over 3 million and this book is Gary Rohrmayer’s view of evangelism and how to use The Spiritual Journey Guide.

You will learn:

  • Shifting face of evangelism
  • Put confidence in God and not a method
  • How to create spiritual thirst in your conversations
  • How build and sustain relationships
  • Jesus’ tool for finding highly receptive people
  • How lordship and rapport work in our conversations

Spiritual Conversations is a quick read, with a fresh perspective on eternal conversations.

“This book is much more than the latest in a long line of inspirational Christian books. Spiritual Conversations is a book about evangelism. You will hold in your hand a practical tool. Plenty of good books will impress you and inspire you. God can use this book to empower you. Your greatest days engaging the harvest and raising leaders for the harvest are in the future.”

Dr. Ed Stetzer
Dean and Professor of Leadership and Christian Ministry at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University                            Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Wycliffe Hall at Oxford University.


21 Days To Increase Your Spiritual Conversations

Gary Rohrmayer and Mark Albrecht have been seeking to remove the stigma of the word, evangelism, by offering a paradigm shift that evangelism is simply engaging others in meaningful spiritual conversations that point people to Jesus and His message of hope.

They believe that one of the marks of a follower of Jesus is that they can naturally engage others in spiritual conversations. Their hope for this 21-day missional experiment is that you will be surprised in how God is working in your relationships as you learn to listen, serve, bless and engage your friends, co-workers, and family in meaningful dialogs with Jesus.


The Spiritual Journey Guide

The Spiritual Journey Guide Original Version

This is not a traditional gospel tract; it is a spiritual conversational tool used to help bring more focus to your spiritual conversations. The Spiritual Journey Guide is built on a dialog model of sharing the wonders of Jesus’ teaching on who He is and our relationship with Him). This is an excellent spiritual assessment tool to help seekers and believers alike determine where they are spiritually and to show them how to take the next steps on their spiritual journey.

In its ninth printing. Over 2 million sold.

5×6 inches

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