The Discovery Game: For a Married Couple

K & M Productions


Whether you have been married a brief time or many decades, have a solid marriage or one that needs a shot in the arm, The discovery Game creates an atmosphere that is exhilarating- where conversation, fun and romance result naturally. This unique resource allows you and your spouse to pursue true intimacy at a pace tailor made to fit your relationship.

One of the greatest things about The Discovery Game is that it doesn’t feel like you are working on your marriage! You’re just having fun! Get The Discovery Game for less than it costs to go out to dinner, and be ready to pull a great date out of the box- anytime!

Included with the game is a small easy to read booklet and CD which contain valuable biblical insights into what God has purposed for you, your spouse and your marriage.

A Focus on the Family recommendation.

Two game tokens, pack of love tokens, pair of dice

Pack of Reality Check cards

Pack of play money

Property Cards


CD digital booklet

Instruction pamphlet

The purpose: To connect on an intimate emotional level. For two adults- one married couple.

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