Who’s Holding Your Ladder?: Selecting Your Leaders, Leadership’s Most Critical Decision

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Most organizational mistakes can be avoided, or certainly minimized, by understanding one principle:
The most important decision you will ever make as a leader is selecting the leaders around you.

The fact is, the people who have brought you this far, however well-meaning, may not be the right people to take you into the future. Who’s Holding Your Ladder? reminds us that the height and fulfillment of any visionary leader are contingent on whoever is holding his or her ladder.
With Dr. Chand’s help, you will discover…

  • That without a ladder-holder, you can climb only to a certain level.
  • That with the right ladder-holders, you can go much higher.
  • That as organizational vision increases, the need for another type of ladder-holder increases.
  • The essential qualities all first-rate ladder-holders must possess.
  • The fact that leaders and managers both play critical roles; however, knowing the difference between these roles will lead to proper people placement.
  • How to turn ladder-holders into ladder-climbers.

In the words of my late father, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Chand is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus. He has a dynamic way of hitting you with the truth and yet easing your pain at the same time.
–Bernice A. King

Dr. Chand’s keen insights and vast leadership exposure have prepared him well for forecasting and setting leadership directions.
–Dr. John C. Maxwell

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