Won’t He Do It!

by Rudolph Bishop


It is a catch phrase that you may have heard spoken all the way from the pulpit to the your favorite reality star, “Won’t He Do It?” This question becomes more of a statement of confidence and declaration when you know that God will do what His Word says in your life no matter the situation. Bishop Rudolph McKissick Jr. has seen God do it not just in his own life, but also in the lives of those touched by his ministry. A journey through his life of overcoming more battles than one, takes this book from being more than just words written from a great author, to words that testify of God’s unfailing love for you and a confidence that God WILL DO IT over and over again.

Let this book take you on a journey of finding a place of confident assurance in God’s power and God’s promises. When you finish reading this dynamic book you will be able to answer the question “Won’t He Do It?” with a bold declaration, “YES HE WILL!”

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